An updated exterior is waiting to welcome you home!

Curb Appeal Enhancements
The main entryway is the primary focal point of your home, and it’s a sneak peek into the life you live inside.
Improving your home’s curb appeal is a low-cost and simple way to add style, value, and interest to the space that gets the most attention of everyone from friends and neighbors, to delivery persons and strangers.

If you are looking to dress up your front door, perk up your porch, update a gate, add an arbor, enhance entrance accents, or simply wish to add trim and shutters, a trellis, or gutters; call Creasey Construction. We help homeowners add or improve the aesthetics and energy of your entryway, so it’s sure to draw attention to your home, for all of the right reasons.

Common curb appeal enhancements offered to Springfield area residents include, but are not limited to the following:

• Porch additions and enhancements featuring updated pillars and a custom handrail
• Entire porch replacement projects to retire old warped wood and finishes
• Enlarging window openings to add light inside and pride when you ride by
• Adding windows to improve symmetry and balance
• Replacing windows with build-out bay windows or dormers
• Widening the door space to fit French doors or windows on both sides of an existing door
• Upgrading hardware, porch lights, mail slots, kick plates, and more
• Adding, replacing, and restoring old shutters
• Cleaning, sanding, and resealing cedar siding to reveal fresh wood with rejuvenated life
• Widening of staircase to main and secondary entrances
• Add or replace window boxes
• Add custom trim and molding to match
• Adding a carport for quick and dry access on the fly
• Garage and driveway facelifts

Are you looking to love all your home’s spaces? Call Creasey Construction (hyperlink to telephone number) today to learn more about our curb appeal enhancement services.

If you’re looking to improve the space, face, and taste of your place; contact our team of cleaver and creative craftsmen and we’ll look forward to starting your home renovation project soon!

Outdoor Living Space Expansions

Transform an ordinary lawn that yawns into a patio packed with pizzazz!

If you have visions of converting your backyard into an inventive and inviting living space that serves as an extension of your home; our team has the steam to make reality out of your dreams. From decked-out outdoor kitchens and impressive hardscapes to she-sheds, pergolas, and cabanas lined with drapes; our crew of creative craftsmen work with Springfield area experts in landscape design and hardscape installation to deliver superior results to every client, every time.

Creasey Construction offers the following custom outdoor living space planning and construction services to homeowners in and around Central Illinois:

• Trellises
• Gazebos
• Cabanas
• Carports and more
• Pool houses
• Boat houses
• Treehouses
• Additional services available upon your request

• Decks
• Patios
• Pergolas
• Outdoor kitchens and bars
• She-Sheds
• Screened-in Porches
• Hardscapes
• Fire pits

Local Experts
Creasey Construction works with Springfield area homeowners to build outdoor spaces up to the level you desire while bowing down to the budget you can afford. Contact our office today to learn how we can be of service to you!

Have a look at some of our favorite outdoor space updates and construction projects featured in our gallery.