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Top Dog

Role & Responsibilities:

Tex, our beloved Labrador Retriever is a type of retriever-gun dog. His breed is known to be one of the most popular breeds of dog in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States –and he knows it. Even before the American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized his breed in 1917, the Labrador retriever had been earning praise and approval for its hardworking, loving nature.

Tex is prized as our best friend, office greeter, garbage cleaner, alarm system, and serves as a sporting and hunting dog to his dad on a regular basis.

Role & Responsibility:

  • Welcomes everyone to the office, upon their arrival
  • Has comprehensive knowledge of all of the smells inside and outside the company headquarters
  • Serves as a trusted source for bringing happiness to all of our team members and clients
  • Serves as an essential member of our core team
  • Maintains a high-level of curiosity regarding vehicles that pull into the parking lot
  • He is always ready for sport, especially playing fetch
  • He will not bite on your arm as hard as he wants to bite it
  • Ensures proper disposal of Kleenex, napkins, paper plates, and anything he might find in a trash can
  • Always willing to help eat a snack and any food brought into the office
  • Works directly with his dad, Jan, as needed
  • Serves as a back-seat co-pilot in Jan’s gigantic truck
  • Never jumps up on a person (when his dad is in the office)
  • Works to ensure that he never goes potty in our place of business
  • Smiles when his photo is taken, no matter what
  • Delights the lives of the families he knows
  • Entertains the Davison boys during each and every visit
  • Loves to love, and our team loves him for being so loving


  • Eight years of experience providing top-notch love and affection toward everyone he meets
  • Clearly communicates his desire to retrieve anything you’re willing to throw
  • Participates in many, many hunting trips with his dad


  • Crate trained
  • House trained
  • Obedience trained
  • On and off leash trained
  • Friendly dog trained
  • No jumping trained (kind of…mostly when his dad is at the office)

Favorite Quote:

  • “Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.”